Pila Ski School

Ski and snowboard rental

Skiing becomes easier if, in addition to the right technique, you also have the most appropriate materials for your characteristics and very efficient.

That's why Pila Ski School rental has been upgraded for the new ski season, both for equipment and for the internal organization.
All skis, snowboards, boots and helmets are new, the store has been completely redesigned and customer relations will be facilitated by computerized management. We also do, as always, materials service like edge tuning, waxing and minor repairs.

To complete rental service, the School offers customers the possibility to deposit their material in a room adjacent to the school, under video surveillance 24 hours a 24 and heated, comfort that will certainly be appreciated by those who every day went by car to ski school or to anyone comes skiing in Pila several times during the season. It does not end here, for anyone who purchases a group lesson there is a free shuttle that will take him from the hotel to Pila Ski School, stopping in front of the rental. A nice comfort for those with children and for beginners ...

Group lessons or 5 hours private -20% on the rental!

New point of sale in the Bouton d'Or area n. 15 STORE XTREME RENTAL SKI.
Where you can find everything you need for your holiday! SPORTSWEAR&ACCESSORIES.

Ski and snowboard rental

Ski and snowboard rental