Pila Ski School

Kinderheim Miniclub Pila

For the little ones and for who fells the cold Pila Ski School offers, in the typical atmosphere of buildings and mountain in the heat of the wood, the MiniClub Pila service.

In the chalet next to the headquarters of the School, will be welcomed by the qualified and friendly staff of MiniClub Pila ready to look after and entertain your children, in the expectation that they too can enjoy the thrill of downhill skiing.
Do you want to organize a ski course including Kinderheim service?
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For informations and reservations:
Miniclub Pila telephone: +39 389 1489899
E-mail: miniclubpila@scuoladiscipila.com

Kinderheim - Pila Ski School

Kinderheim - Pila Ski School